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Welcome to Virtual CSI, an online CSI roleplaying game. Ever wanted to investiagte a murder or a terror bombing or a kidnapping? Just like Grissom and his crew does?
Now here's your chance! Create your very own investigator and reinforce the CSI team of Virtual City...

Be sure to read the rules of the game, if you want to participate. You'll find them by clicking on the above banner...

Are you ready for action? Okay, wait no longer and click the above banner to create your very own investigator in three simple steps...

Would you like to plan the perfect crime? Become an author of the game and present a dramatic and mysterious case to the investigators. Click the above banner to learn how...

Why Virtual City? Why not Las Vegas, Miami or New York? Or even another major US city like Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles or Seattle? Learn more about the place of the game by clicking the above banner...

Important Disclaimer

Virtual CSI is an online roleplaying game centered on the CSI tv series. Its purpose is to allow the players to investigate virtual crimes, i.e. nothing in here is real, though real and film crime scene material (pictures) might be used in the individual crime cases.
This RPG is a fan product, and its main purpose is to create fun for the players. Learning more about forensic methods can be seen as a secondary purpose. The game, however, is not meant to promote violence and crime.
There is no intention of infringement of copyrights associated with any of the pictures used in this game. All pictures used were found via Google image search, some of them have been manipulated using Adobe Photoshop.

Out-Of-Character Forum

The OOC forum for this community can be found here. There, you can discuss the case you are investigating with your fellow CSI specialists...


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