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Sun, May. 28th, 2006, 01:37 pm

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Welcome to the library. In here you can look at the Investigator Files, Case Files and Scientific Essays.

Investigator Files

NPC Investigators

Detective Cooper Kirkwood

Det. Kirkwood came to Virtual City from Boston. He's kind of a cynic, but a cop through and through, just like his father and his grandfather were. Kirkwood is a tough interrogator, but can also listen to the fears of victims and witnesses.

* * *

Rupert Hamilton, MD

Dr. Hamilton is the chief pathologist of Virtual City's CSI. He's very strict and keeps his morgue and lab in perfect order. Some say that this order fanatism comes from a mild form of OCD, but there's no proof about that.

* * *

PC Investigators

Rachel Mariana Morgan

From Cincinnati. She is quick to work, and very thorough working long nights with little sleep. She has an attitude, though, that's hard to get used to and because she is so thorough, she can be very anal about little things and very crabby and snappy. Also, she sometimes jumps to conclusions before she has looked at all the pieces and the whole picture, overzealous you could say.
Areas of expertise: Pathology, Blood Traces

* * *

Julian Vermeer

From New Haven, Conneticut. Freshly from the university. He spent part of his youth in Europe (he's fluent in German, speaks French and can communicate in Italian, he picked up some other Europen languages, but far from perfect). He's been spoiled and papered all his life, is tired of it and tries to not live the heritage of his WASP background. His parents don't really like seeing him in Virtual City, doing this job, but at least it's better than his brother. However, he's trying to be not arrogant, but his upbringing shows from time to time. He's slightly superficial and tends to suspect "less fortunate" people of being poor and uneducated. He doesn't look his age and always suspects people of seeing a babyface and tries to be extra tough. He's friendly and polite, though and automatically flirts with every woman he sees - no matter age or apperance. When he set is mind on a case he will try to finish it no matter what, but sticks to the rules. He's generous, what many people take as showing off.
Areas of expertise: Interrogation, Linguistics

* * *

Evey Grey

From Peterborough, GB. She studied Forensic Linguistics in Stanford, CA then took additional training at the Institute for Linguistic Evidence in Georgetown, DE. She can do fingerprints analysis as well, but didn't have an "official" training. She is single and doesn't have much of a life beside her work. That together with not caring about her looks makes her appeal unimposing (you'll never see her as dressed up as in her ID photo...). Usually she is calm and level-headed but is able to explode in people's faces when tantalised or deprived of caffeine. With colleagues she is amiable and tends to want helping everybody, sometimes with the result of being burried under work. On the good side,she is a work horse and quite geeky (barely leaves lab). She is able to think outside the box and analytical, is patient and exact as well as even-tempered and amiable. Her major flaw as a CSI, though, is that she can't stand bodies with heavy head injuries (e.g. smashed skull) or fire victims, which will make her throw up. Due to all the work and the late hours in the lab, she became caffeine addicted quite early in her career and will be grumpy and snarly without coke or coffee. She also gets aggravated when confronted with court procedures disqualifying some (of her) evidences (e.g. audio tapes).
Areas of expertise: Forensical Linguistics, Audio/Video Evidence

* * *

Kareena Sighn

From Chennai/India. She started her career as a DNA lab tech at the All India Institute of Medical Science in Delhi. For some years, the police made use of her skills for forensic investigations, and when the opportunity for a permanent post with the CSI Virtual City arose, she jumped at it and left Delhi. She is friendly and outgoing and helps her friends right away, if need be. On the downside, she seems to be at least disgusted, if not outright afraid of drowned bodies.
Areas of expertise: DNA, Fingerprints

* * *

Case Files

Scientific Essays